Ticks can jeopardize the health of even strong and vigorous cats. Know more on cat ticks & various available measures for removing ticks from cats.

Ticks on Cats

Ticks are tiny blood-sucking vermin that might easily cling/ latch to the coat of your pet during his morning or evening strolls. These parasites stick to the skin of the host (your cat), and might suck blood till they get engorged and fall off the skin. A fully bloated tick might be of the same size as a pea or a bean. Sometimes, ticks might act as the carriers of various illnesses, like 'Lyme Disease'. In certain cases, ticks also lead to allergic reactions in your pet and give rise to severe ulcers and ruptures on the skin. Cited below are some measures, which will help in the prevention of ticks on your domestic cat.

How to Prevent Ticks on Cats To avoid various diseases associated with ticks, it is extremely important that you remove these critters as soon as you spot them, and inhibit their further multiplication. Learn some preventive measures here
If you spot a tick, immediately remove it for preventing any kind of disease transmission. With a pair of tweezers or other tick-removing device, grab the tick near its head and pull it out from the skin. In case of high infestation, consult your veterinarian. He/ She can suggest the best medication for your pet, keeping into account various risk factors (like geographical location, lifestyle and potential exposure) of the animal.