Due to a complex ear anatomy, ear problems in cats are of frequent occurrence. Read to know more about ear infections and diseases in cats.

Ear Infections in Cats

Unlike the human ear, cats have longer ear canals that move downward and then inward inside the ears. This complex anatomical structure makes ear-cleaning very difficult. Thus, cats are more likely to breed infectious microorganisms inside the ears that give birth to various ear infections and diseases. Sometimes, such problems may take chronic form by perforating ear drums and traveling to the brain. So, proper hygiene and requisite medical therapies are necessary to get rid of ear infections. In these lines, we have detailed about the various symptoms, causes and remedies of ear infections in cats.

More than often, your cat will display various signs that indicate an ear problem. Keep an open eye to the following symptoms
Numerous predisposing factors may contribute to an infected ear in your cat. Understand what causes this problem, by going through the following lines
Depending on the causal factors, treatments may vary. Check out these remedies that can help in reducing various ear problems in cats.
As aforesaid, hygiene is the most important factor for preventing ear infections in your pet. Do a routine check of your cat's ears and carefully remove accumulated waste and debris from the ears. In case you notice any signs of ear infections, immediately notify your veterinarian.