The free-living mites that generally infest cats are known as 'mange'. Check out more information on the different types of cat mites.

Cat Mites

Mites that are found on the body of the felids are called as 'Mange'. These parasites settle on the various parts of a felids body right from their ear tunnels to the genital areas. Cats like other felines are prone to mites. Severe scratches done by them in order to get rid of these mites also worsen the problems in the case of cats. They develop damp wounds in their body due to the itching developed through these mites' activities. These mites are communicable and can easily contagion from one animal to other. Some of these mites are even prone to human bodies. Read this article to know more about the Cat mites and methods to get rid of them.

Type of Mites

Ear Mites (Otodectes Cynotis)
Ear Mites are the most common form of mites found in pet animals especially in cats. Though as per its name it seems that it may develop only in ear but it is actually a myth. An ear mite can develop in any parts of the body of cats. These minute creatures thrive on epidermal debris and earwax and generally cause inflammation of the outer ear canal in the cats.

Get Rid Of Ear Mites
Your cat should always be treated for ear mites after a veterinarian doctor has properly examined her sample from her ears under the microscope. He can them suggest you some ear drops or mineral oil to be massaged on your cat's ear to get rid of these mites.

Burrowing Mites
Burrowing mites are relatively less common phenomenon than ear mites. These parasites attack your cat's head and make it callously itchy. They badly affect your ear base also. These mites can lead to hair loss in your pet. Chronic attack of these mites can lead to blood poisoning in your pets also.

Get Rid Of Burrowing Mites
You must consult a veterinary doctor as soon as you can in the case of burrowing mites. Your pet may require an antibiotic treatment for secondary plagues; it is very important to stop their further growth as it may ultimately lead to the death of your pet.

Walking Dandruff (Cheyletiella)
Walking Dandruff is a state of parasite attack in which the scales of your cat's body start moving away from the body. This is a very irksome skin ailment caused by a mite known as 'Cheyletiella'. These skin abrasions happen because these Cheyletiella mites try to crawl under your pet's skin. This disease is also common in rabbits and can also affect human body.

Get Rid Of Walking Dandruff
You must take your cat to a veterinary doctor. Apart from antibiotics and medicines, he may suggest you adding olive oil to her diet. Do not bring any drastic change in your cat's diet and regularly brush her gently to get rid of loose skins and dandruffs.