"What cat breed do I have?" & "How do I tell the breed of my cat?" are common queries among cat owners. Learn steps to identify a cat's breed.

How to Tell the Breed of a Cat

Often multiple bloodlines create problems with the right breed identification of an animal. Generally, cat owners who have adopted a stray, or owners who are unsure about the exact blood strain of their new kitty are at sea when it comes to determining their cat's breed. Proper breed identification is also necessary when you want to commercialize your cat-rearing practice or sell kittens. A few major tip off are in the form of certain conspicuous traits or visible markings that are particularly noticed in certain breeds. Dig up more information on how to identify or determine the breed of a cat.

How to Tell the Breed of a Cat
If you still fail to make out the breed of your cat, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian. He might help in determining the exact species of the animal.