Follow these simple tips to stop cats from scratching your furniture, curtains and other valuables.

Cat Scratching

Taking care of your pets is not an easy task. Different kinds of pets show different kinds of tendencies and at times it is very difficult to understand them. If you have a cat, the problem becomes more difficult as she is not as expressive as a dog. A cat seems more lost in her world more than anything else around. If you have brought home a new cat, you must be worried about her scratching behavior. By now, she must have shred your curtain, frayed your sofa and must have left you at your wits end to deal with it.

Well, better relax. If your cat is busy with scratching, it is not very unnatural. It is in fact her daily habit and you must get used to it. It is a territorial instinct by which she places her mark and establishes her home turf. So you must stop over worrying. Do not think that you cat only marks her domains by this scratching habit, in fact through this activity she is trying to make her self familiar with herself by leaving her visible claws mark and odor that comes out of her paws. So after scratching, it would be very easy for her to recognize and relate to the place once again.

Scratching also keeps your cat in shape. This act will keep her get active enough for her day to day activities. If you ever pay attention to her ways, you will know that this act actually helps her pulling and stretching the muscles of your cat's front quarters. By now you must have realized that you can not stop your cat from this tendency. However one thing that you can do is to re-channel her to the place where she does not spoil your valuable items. Here are few tips which you can apply in making your cat understand the right place and right ways to scratch-