Dressing your cat can be real fun. Dress your cat with these dresses and clothing and see what makes a graceful cat.

Selecting Cat Dress

Wings appear when you let your imagination fly. How true!! Now even your pets can have their own wardrobe. Dressing pets is a fad among pet-owners these days. In fact, this upcoming trend has led designers to flaunt their own line of designer pet clothes. And when it comes to cats, cute feline dresses and accessories are a must-grab from the pet stores and designer boutiques. Dressing your cat can be quite simple. But you should see that you dress your cat only for special occasions. Cats don't like being dolled up every other day. Still, you can expect your kitty to wear a beautiful dress and sashay around during her birthday and other festive occasions.

Dress for the Occasion
Variety is the word that describes cats' line of clothing in the market. From colorful tees, fuzzy sweatshirts to floral summer dresses, your cat has a huge option to choose from. See how you can dress up your kitty in sync with the mood of the occasion.

Petite Princess
It is your kitty's birthday and she no doubt deserves to be the cynosure of all eyes. Dress her up in a bright colored Baroness-style ball gown. A cute bow resembling a flower or a small beaded necklace will complete the look. See that the dress is easy to put on and comes off easily too. Use self-sticking fabrics like Velcro instead of buttons and hooks.

Fiery Fiends
Try dressing your kitty as a witch or a devil this Halloween. Dress her up in a brown or black cotton frock that fastens on the back .Add a witch hat with adjustable drawstrings to complement the witch look. You can also bring out the mischievous streak in your cat by dressing her up like a devil in a red-colored polyester dress. A cap with black horns will highlight this little fiend.

Diva and Rockstar
If your cat is accompanying you to a party, dress her up in a short and sequined evening dress with sheer bows or satin flowers and make her feel like a diva. If your companion is male, make him wear a vest with party logos and prints. Try a vest with studs and pictures of rock bands or prints of beer mugs. Tie a bandanna and a studded kitty collar for that ultimate rock star look.

Try these dresses on your kitty and hear her purr in style.