Get an idea of how to make a cat house/ cat tree and build a cozy feral shelter for your cat by following these simple instructions.

How to Build a Cat House

Many cat-owners believe that domestic cats should have their own niche outdoors. Staying in close commune with nature fosters kitty's good health. But, the idea may seem dilemmatic at first. How safe will be your little friend when danger lurks outside in the form of predators, inclement weather, heavy traffic and other cats? Will he himself be a threat to little birds and rodents if let loose outdoors? These questions can be cracked, if you provide your kitty with a cozy feral shelter outdoors. Building a cat tree that can be placed on your garden or porch will provide your cat with all the benefits of outdoor living, without making him vulnerable to possible threats. Your kitty can use the cat tree to play, scratch, relax and nap. Learn how to go about building a cat tree/ cat house for your cat.

Tools Required
Materials Required
You can either attach the structure to a wall or make it stand alone in a desired place. Check that it is stable enough to withstand a bunch of cats scurrying around. Try adding some fine trinkets (like bells and cat toys) and watch your kitty purr with approval and delight.