Many cat owners are troubled by the loss of hair in their cats. Get more information on hair loss in cats and know what leads to feline hair loss.

Hair Loss in Cats

Hair Loss or 'Alopecia' is a common feline disorder and may be symptomatic of various fatal ailments in cats. Though losing a few strands of hair is considered as quite normal, but sometimes various malfunctions in the body may surface up in the form of acute hair loss. Hair loss in cats may be noticed either as impaired growth of new hair or loss of hair in patches from specific parts of the body. At times, the coat of the animal feels grimy, or the hairs look dry and frail. Most of the time, you will find an alopecic cat scratching or biting himself. These counteractive measures might sometimes lead to other serious skin conditions. Go though this article to know more about feline alopecia.

Causes of Alopecia
Read about the various physical and psychological anomalies that lead to Alopecia in cats.
Remedy for Alopecia
Sample these remedies to get rid of Alopecia in cats.