Explore some of the best breed of family cats, and get help in choosing and adding an ideal pet cat to your family.

Best Family Cats

Cats can be a great addition to a family. They are sober creatures who are happy to relax in their own cozy corners. They can easily snuggle and adjust in any home, and also spare you from grueling animal tantrums. But adding a new feline to your family demands some effort and commitment from your end. You cannot just go and pick up the first cat that you see in the cat-cage. Before choosing your new family member, it is important that you prepare yourself for a long term commitment with the pet. Moreover, it is pivotal that you understand the habits of your new friend and see that they match up to your own habits, lifestyle and home environment. To solve your pet-picking dilemma, we have provided information about the best breed of family cats in the following lines.

Balinese cats are known for their grace and beauty. Though they have a thick silky coat, they do not require extensive grooming. They come in four exquisite colors; lilac-point, seal-point, chocolate- point and blue- point. They are highly warm and people-oriented, which makes them ideal family cats.

It is believed to be the oldest domestic breed of cats in the world. Available in sleek and soft coats that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the Abyssinians are very affectionate and intelligent by nature. They are easy to train and make very good and homely pets.

American Bobtail
With a look that is wild and exotic, these cats are available in all the major colors and patterns. They have mysterious almond-shaped eyes and are available in both long and short coats. They are very exuberant and can be ideal playmates with their well-proportioned musculature.

European Burmese
With a fine bone structure and soft expressive eyes, they are considered to be very graceful. They have a medium body with a short and satiny coat. Cats of this breed are very sociable and fun-loving. They have a strapping body with slender legs and generally prefer being the only pet in the family.

American Shorthair
Suitable if you are looking for an inquisitive and well-behaved cat that can give company to your kids. With a sturdy frame and many color variations, these cats found place in many family portraits of the 1700's. They are extremely easy going and have a life expectancy of about 20 yr with proper nutrition and care.

This is a spotted domestic breed and is generally short-haired. They are available in six different colors and are gregarious, affectionate and very intelligent. They easily adapt to the family environment and can be impish and naughty at times. They are suitable for an outgoing family with children.

Named after Bombay in India (Land of the Black Leopards); these medium-sized cats are jet black in color and are have a sturdy built. They have golden or copper eyes and are known for their agility and intelligence. Cats of this breed are extremely attached to their owners and look out for constant affection.

California Sprangled Cat
These cats look like little leopards with their spotted body and muscular frames. They have prominent cheekbones and well-defined blue eyes. These cats are highly domesticated creatures, though they have a wild look in their appearance. Warm and quick, these cats can fit into the domestic lifestyle very easily.

Egyptian Mau
This breed derives its name from the Egyptian word 'Mau' which means 'Cats'. An attractive breed with a dense spotted coat and large green eyes, they are extremely extroverted and are quick learners. Whenever they are happy and excited, they purr in a soft voice. They have a well-built body with strong legs.

This is a French breed and is named after a famous Spanish wool of the 18th century due to their soft and wooly coat. They are short-haired and come in a bluish-grayish shade. They have a powerfully built body, brawny legs and large orange eyes. They are very quite and intelligent by nature.

Cornish Rex
These elegant-looking cats are available in a large variety of colors, color patterns and color combinations. They are very active and love to participate in games and recreational activities. Because of their intense inclination towards human company, these cats can easily adjust to the family environment.

Devon Rex
This is a short-haired and medium-sized breed with large oval eyes. They have a robust body with a long tapering tail. This breed is actually a mutated version of the Cornish Rex and is also excessively fond of human company. They love sneaking to places that are warm and enjoy sharing your bed and food.

Japanese Bobtail
This is an ancient breed that has a fine coat with no undercoat. They look beautiful with their fine chiseled mouth and high cheekbones. They are very affable and share a strong bond with their owners. They may even reciprocate a verbal conversation with a soft voice. They easily bond with children.

Havana Brown
Considered as protectors from evil-eyes by the Siamese people; cats of this breed have large distinctive ears and long legs. This breed is highly intelligent and quiet. They prefer lazing down in a secluded corner and can be great attention-seekers from their owners.

This is a medium-sized breed with large and sparkling blue eyes. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from fawn to blue. They are warm and gentle and are highly fascinated by water. Generally, cats of this breed love to play indoors or have friendly interaction with their owners.

Cats of this breed have a very short and round body that makes them appear like a cuddlesome ball. The bone structure is very thick. The neck is short and strong. They have vivid blue eyes and a sweeping bushy tail. They are very warm-mannered and playful, and need protection like small children.

Earlier referred to as 'Cherubim', this is a large breed with a powerful body. Cats of this breed have long silky furs and are available in colors like seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. They gel very well with children and other pets in the family, and are very easy to train. They are well known for their love for food.

Now you may go and happily take your pick.