Hives (Urticaria) in a cat develops due to hypersensitive reaction to various allergens. Read more about hives in cats here.

Hives in Cats

Normally, Hives or 'Urticaria' in cats may be the result of an insect bite or some allergic reactions in the body. A cat may be hypersensitive to vaccinations, antibiotics, household cleaners or even certain food. Red and itchy welts might crop up in different areas of the skin surface, as a reaction to these various allergens. Often, the animal might undergo severe discomfort with highly swollen face and eyes. The condition, if mild, can be effectively treated at home. But acute cases of hives demands proper medical counseling and care. Detailed below are the various symptoms and remedies of hives in cats.

Though, hives is not a life threatening disorder, it can be quite unnerving for your pet, to go through ceaseless scratching and painful sores. So, it is always better to consult a veterinarian and take action against the disease, as soon as you notice such dermal abnormalities in the animal.