Give your pet cat something to enjoy. Bring cat toys for her. These cat toys may be interactive, electronic, stuffed or homemade.

Types of Cat Toys

Cat needs exercise and companionship as much as their owners and playing with cats is a good way to enhance their bonding. Chasing a catnip mouse or the feather lure keeps the senior cats as much entertained as the kittens. Large cardboard boxes are perhaps the most enjoyed toys for the cats. One can make easy games using them for their cats. One of the ideas is to turn over the cardboard box with the open side at the bottom. Cut out a small hole in the edge and put a catnip mouse inside to look like a mouse in the rat hole. See how your kitty maneuvers dexterously to catch her prey. Another idea is to paint a box to make the car for the kitty, in which you can throw in a few crumpled used wrapping papers to add more fun for your furry kitten.

You can also make a list of the things that attract the attention of your cat and then you can use them to design some very own interactive games with them. You will soon notice how plastic rings from the milk bottles and noisy wadded-up paper lightens up the mood of your cat. The paper folded up like a Japanese fan and ties to a long string may attract their attention too along with a large paper bag with holes in it too peep in. Teething kittens love plastic drinking straws that make a crunchy sound when chewed upon. Watch how your cat tries to prey upon it, when you drag one across the floor for interactive play. However, it is advisable not to use things that might strangle or choke your cat such as loose string, elastic, curling ribbon, plastic bags, rubber bands, paper clips and thumbtacks.

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