We are providing some important information regarding cat pregnancy. This include pregnanacy signs and precautions to be taken during pregnancy

Cat Pregnancy

If you are a cat owner, the phase of your pet's pregnancy is a crucial time for you. At this time your cat needs immense care and concern. Thus you must take special care of your cat in this period. You must feed her with rich diet and give her extreme comfortable environment. You also must take care if her from mites and insects. You should also take care that your cat must not get any kind of food poisoning or allergy during this period. Try to keep her away from dirt and filthy things and also provide her with the best possible medical care. Here are few tips that will help you understand your cat's pregnancy and help her have a healthy gestation period.

Pregnancy signs in cat
The gestation phase in a cat lasts for about nine weeks. During the first four weeks, even your cat would not be able to figure out her pregnancy. Thus it will almost impossible for you to find whether she is pregnant or not. She will hunt, rest, and behaves entirely normal. However after sometime under the influence of progesterone- a female hormone released in her boy she will start feeling lethargic due to her heavy abdomen and thus will cling towards resting tendency.

How can you figure out her pregnancy?
If you think she has conceived, it is better you take her to her veterinary doctor. However if you wan to find on your own, you can get a little clue after first few months. You can check her nipples. After one month of her pregnancy, her nipples will become more prominent and pink. After four months due to her visibly enlarged tummy, it will not very difficult to figure out that she is pregnant. You can even easily count the developing fetuses.

Precautions to be taken during cat's pregnancy
You also need to take care of your cat during her pregnancy period. Here are few tips…
Practical advices for Cat Pregnancy