Ensure the safety of your cat and also reflect his style with these different cat collars and leashes. Read and pick the right collar for your cat.

Types Of Cat Collars

Though collars are generally seen as a canine accessory, they are equally imperative for ensuring the safety of your feline companion. Whether for a functional reason or for making a fashion statement, let safety be the vanguard whenever you purchase a collar for your cat. Take into consideration the breed of your cat (shape and size) before you choose a collar for him. See that it neither chokes him nor dangles loosely on his neck. Read this article to take a look at the different types of cat collars available in the market.

Types Of Cat Collars

Buckle Collars
These traditional collars are very easy to wear as they can easily be fastened and unfastened on your cat. They come in materials like nylon and leather and are sometimes studded or adorned with jewels and various embroidery patterns. These collars are suitable for cats that mostly stay indoors.

Break-away Collars
These collars are safer as compared to a buckle collar. Attached with a safety mechanism, these collars don't click to a 'locked' position. If the cat is caught on something, he can easily pull off the collar by exerting some force. This prevents accidental choking. Hence, they are suitable for active and adventurous cats.

Flea Collars
A flea collar generally serves medicinal purposes. It is worn along with a conventional buckle collar. Infused with chemical products like flea-repellants, these collars are used as a type of flea-control. But, be careful while using such a collar in your cat as they might sometimes cause various allergic reactions.

Reflective Collars
These collars are made of reflective materials and come handy for pets during the night. Due to their reflecting ability, these collars prevent accidents and ensure that your pet is safe during the dark. Moreover, they also help you avoid inadvertent stepping on your pet while he is indoors during the night.

Personalized Collars
One of the most important functions of a collar is to display the identification tag of the pet. If your cat doesn't prefer wearing an id tag in his collar, you can use personalized collars instead. Such collars are imprinted with the name of the cat and the owner's phone number, and become very helpful, lest your cat gets lost.

A Tip
Decide on the type of collar that is most suitable for your cat. You can also try tying a bell to your cat's collar to warn garden birds of his approach. Once you provide him with a collar, see your kitty jingle all the way with his new choker.