Blood in cat stool or feces can be a transient or a severe disorder. Get an idea of what leads to bloody bowel movement in cats.

Blood in Cat Stool

The presence of bright or fresh traces of blood in the stool is clinically termed as 'Hematochezia'. Such a medical condition is very common in pets, especially cats and dogs. However, it should not be confused with 'Melena', which is generally the excretion of tarry and dark stool. Passage of blood may sometimes indicate minor disorders in the body of your cat. But, in certain conditions, Hematochezia may indicate serious problems like cancer or other terminal diseases. Repeated bloody bowel movement in your pet should never be overlooked. A comprehensive account of the symptoms, causes and remedies of Hematochezia in cats are charted below.

The condition is characterized by the following symptoms
Some of the major causes of the disorder are
Explore some remedies to chuck out the problem
If you do not see any improvement in your kitty's health, consult a veterinarian immediately.