Bring some meaningful toys for your pet's entertainment. These toys can be electronic toys, stuffed toys, interactive toys et al.

Buying Pet Toys

Pet toys are meant to keep the pets entertained and give them plenty of exercise. Many of them are useful tools to assist in training the pets according to the household too. These toys can be of rubber or plastic, can be edible types or made up of catnip. They can be squeaky, glow in the dark or emit laser beams making them easier to locate and interactive too. Many of them often double up as pet treats too. If you are buying toys for an active pet, you may want to buy toys that wiggle or flip-flop and are great for cats, ferrets and small dogs. Most pets enjoy the easy to throw and catch discs that are flexible. Social pets love squeaky fun toys that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Premium handmade catnip toys in shape of a mouse or a rat are just perfect toys for cats.

Birds, cats, dogs and other small pets like rabbits and mice love to play with toys too. Rabbits can become destructive, depressed or overweight, if they are not active and may be bored to death. You can start by giving them crumpled-up paper, cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls to play with but other toys that can be bought for them include a tunnel to hide and chew toys that are sturdy. Rattles that can be chewed upon or eaten are loved by rabbits too such as those made of a blend of oat and alfalfa hay. Wooden balls and a wood-shaped bunny can be used too along with paper bags that they can tear to find hay, herbs and chew blocks for them. Bouncing balls and toys are the favorites of rabbits.

Funny cards and gifts for your pet are not only meant for them but their owners too. While dogs love to chew upon edible bones or bone-flavored and shaped plastic toys, cats love fish and shrimp-flavored toys and scratching posts. They love catnip bubbles too. Bones of different flavors such as bacon, spearmint, peanut and fruits are just perfect gifts for dogs on their birthdays or adoption anniversaries. Natural gourmet toys not only keep your pet entertained but also provide healthy nutrition to them. Dental toys include rope and rubber toys that can be used to tease your pets and stimulate their natural hunting instincts and should be sturdy enough to bear their scratching and biting. Most pets love flavored tennis balls. However, they should not be small enough to be swallowed by them and become a potential choking hazard. For bigger and larger animals, it is wiser to choose bigger-sized balls to play with. Ferret teaser toys are available in the market too.

There are toys available for hamsters and gerbils too that include safe and quiet running wheels that have a solid surface and are safe for birds and meant to minimize neck and tail injuries. The low noise spinner is the best exerciser for all small animals. Bouncing balls and other balls can be used to play with rats, guinea pigs and ferrets too. The toys that roll and look like moving preys are interesting to most pets, big or small. Similarly, tunnel and cave like toys that can be entered and left, whenever desired, provide them with a much craved for private space. Buy toys that let you pets nibble and gnaw or arouse their curiosity and give way to exploration and treasure hunt. In short, pets are not much different from kids, when it comes to toys. If used properly, they enhance the mental and physical expertise of your pet and keep them happy for hours at end.