Know how to potty train your cat / kitten quickly and acclimate him to the family life, with the help of these potty training tips for kittens.

How to Potty Train a Cat Quickly

Potty training your kitty is an important part of acclimating him to the family life. The happiness, with which you bring your new kitten home, can easily be thwarted the moment you try to potty train him. More often than not, the cat may display aggressive behavior when it comes to the potty-training time, or when you try to acquaint him to the litter box. But, you should never throw in the towel and give in to his demands. Some patience and exertion from your end can no doubt simplify the task. Peruse these kitten potty training tips, to get an idea of the fundamental steps that are to be followed while you potty train your cat.

When to Potty Train
Generally, kittens are given the required potty training tips by mother cats. If such is the case, you do not have to worry about your kitty using the litter box. But, if you get an orphaned or a motherless kitten, you need to undertake the task by yourself. Do not start potty training with newborn kittens. The infants generally need some form of stimulation to urinate or empty themselves. You can provide the necessary stimulus by rubbing a warm and wet cloth on the genital areas after every meal. In due course, the kittens can be given proper potty training as soon as they become skilled at basic activities (like feeding and walking).

Litter Box Training
The first thing you ought to do is buy a proper litter box for your cat. The box should not be too high. Its sides should be low enough for the kitty to easily step over its top, and get inside the box or come out of it. After each meal, place the cat inside the box and scratch the litter a bit. Your gesture will help to prompt that the place is meant to be his toilet. Make it a habit. With the passage of time and the recurrence of the practice, the kitty will evacuate himself only inside the box.

Cage Training
In case your kitty is not very keen on directly using the litter box, you can try this alternative option to potty train him. Confine the animal in a crate. The cage should be large enough so as to house only the food, water bowl and the litter box. Allow the cat to choose his own space inside the cage for different activities. Cats are very meticulous, and hence he will not use the same space to eat as well as to excrete. Before long, your kitty will learn to use the box to defecate.

Always be patient and don't gnash your teeth if there are accidents. Be firm, but patient. With a consistent pattern and a positive approach, your effort to potty train your cat will not be futile, and you no longer have to worry about soiled carpets and dirty couches.