Does your dog have the bad habit of digging? Know why do puppies dig and how you can stop your dog from digging holes.

How to Stop Dogs from Digging

Digging is an inherent quality of a dog. If you are a dog-owner, you probably have asked yourself these questions many a times, "Why does my dog dig"? "What exactly does he look for while he digs"? "How can I curb this habit in my dog"? Sometimes, a dog might reduce your beautiful garden to rubble with his digging, without even realizing what he has done. This might frustrate you and endanger the bond that you share with your little treasure-hunter. But, don't get baffled when your pet digs. Digging is not unnatural when it comes to your canine companion. He can dig untiringly for many reasons. Read this article to understand this strange behavioral pattern in your dog and also learn how to stop your dog from digging holes

Why do Dogs Dig?
The following reasons might be responsible for digging by your dog.
How to Stop your Dog from Digging?
Follow the given below steps to prevent your dog from digging.
Try these above mentioned tips to eliminate your dog's digging habits. Reprimand him whenever you catch him digging. But, don't mete out physical punishment. Your dog needs time to understand that what he is doing is undesirable. Remember, some primitive breeds of dog dig just for the sake of digging. It is very difficult to curtail this habit in them.