Mites on dogs/puppies might lead to acute hair loss & severe skin infections. Learn everything about dog mites & mange as well its treatment.

Dog Mites

Mites are generally microscopic parasites that excavate their ways to your dog's body through the hair follicles or various oil glands in the epidermal layer of the skin. Your downy pet may be reduced to a patchwork of damaged skin and shabby hair, if it gets infested with mites. Also known as 'Mange'; mites on dogs may lead to conditions like acute hair loss, severe skin infections (accompanied with inflammation and itching), and sometimes to various terminal diseases also. Normally, all dogs have a certain population of mites thriving on their body. The condition gets exacerbated only when the immune system of the animal fails to retaliate the multiplying mites, thus leading to severe outbreak and unchecked reproduction of mites on the dog's body.

Type of Mites
Generally there are two types of mites that may infest your dog.

Demodex Mites
Demodex Mites are responsible for the severe skin disease called 'Canine Demodicosis' in dogs. These miniscule vermin are generally white and oblong. They spend their entire lifecycle in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the host and feed on various skin debris, cells and sebum. Mite-infested nursing bitches generally transfer these mites to their offspring.

Sarcoptic Mites
These mites are also known as 'Scabies' and are more troublesome than the Demodex Mites. They thrive on the hair follicles of dogs and lead to intense skin-itching (also known as 'pruritus') and a variety of other skin infections. Sometimes, dry skin lesions and severe hair loss in your dog may be the result of Sarcoptic Mites. They might even invade the skin of healthy dogs and puppies.

Symptoms of Dog Mites
Home Treatment for Dog Mites
Learn these various home remedies that can effectively cure mites on your dogs.
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