Do you often wonder "how do I identify my dog?" and "what dog breed do I have"? With this article, know how to tell the breed of your dog.

How to Tell the Breed of Your Dog

"How do I identify my dog" or "what dog breed do I have", are common questions amongst dog owners. Different breeds of dogs were created by man by methods of selective breeding and through geographical isolation of the animals. They were generally domesticated to do his bidding. This practice has led to the evolution of numerous breeds of dogs. Generally DNA testing can identify the breed of a purebred dog, with 99% accuracy. Other conspicuous physical factors and personality traits can also help in identifying the breed of your dog. Let us learn how we can tell the breed of a dog by noticing certain prominent characteristics in his body.

How to Tell the Breed of Your Dog
Try these key steps easily at home if you are having problems in determining your dog's breed and see how good an observer you are.