Small dog breeds or toy dog breeds are perfect companions for children. Check out the best breeds of small dogs.

Small Dog Breeds

Are you looking for that perfect companion whom you can snugly fit into your pocket or comfortably carry in your lap, while you travel? If yes; then toy dog breeds are meant just for you. They can easily find their feet into your life. These cute midgets are ideally suited for people who live in small apartments or houses; though they are equally favored by all. Their diminutive size makes people think that these dogs just provide an ornamental appendage to your family. But, in reality they are as vigilant and watchful as their larger counterparts. Their life expectancy is also higher as compared to the larger breeds. Here, we have provided information on some of the best small dog breeds of the world, especially those who are popular as household companions.

Best Small Dog Breeds

This is the smallest breed of dog in the world (6" to 11") and belongs to Mexico. A Chihuahua has prominent eyes and soft erect ears and is available in a variety of patterns and colors. Dogs of this breed might get aggressive when provoked, but are otherwise very devoted to their owner.

This German breed comes at a compact size of 11" (24 -30 cm) and weights not more than 3.5 kg. They are known for the mischievous streak in their nature and have a mustached muzzle and a rough coat. Though they have a jovial and playful temperament, they can get a bit obstinate at times.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
It is a toy breed of Britain that is well known for its playful deportment. A Yorkie has a soft and downy coat and normally comes at a height of 9" and a weight of about 2.5-5 kg. They easily gel with people and are highly intelligent and bold. They come in colors like dark blue or black, with patches of tan on the body.

Shi Tzu
Considered as the smallest and the oldest variety of Tibetan 'Holy Dogs', this is a Chinese breed and is also known as the 'Chrysanthemum Dog'. It is characterized by a long billowing coat and high intelligence. Normally its height can go up to 11". Shi Tzus are highly affectionate, sporty and courageous.

This Chinese breed is short-faced and has a smooth coat and curly tail. They can reach a maximum height of 11" and weigh about 6-8 kg. They are highly affable with children and should always be kept indoors. Generally a pug comes in colors like black, silver or fawn, with black muzzles.

It is the smallest dog of the German Spitz breed. Generally, a Pomeranian weighs around 1-3 kg and reaches a height of 7-12". It has small pointed ears, a foxy face and a furry coat. Dogs of this breed are very expressive, loyal and utterly gregarious. They are easily available in a variety of colors.

This ancient toy breed originated in China and was very popular as pets among the Chinese emperors, who considered them as good luck charms. With a short muzzle, drooping ears, furry coat and a short height (6" to 9"), the Pekingese looks attractive and is available in colors like white, black, gold, red or sable.

Also known as the 'Butterfly Dog', this European breed comes in a small height of 8"-11" and weighs around 4-5 kg. With long butterfly-like ears, slender muzzle, long-haired coat and a plumed tail, the Papillon has a very ornate look. It is an ideal lapdog, mainly for its calm temperament and relaxed nature.

Maltese Dog
Maltese breed is suitable for anyone looking for a good company. An adult Maltese Dog weighs around 2-3 kg and reaches a maximum height of 10". Normally they have a straight and silky coat, with highly feathered ears. They are dauntless, intelligent and extremely well-mannered. Maltese dogs can easily be trained too.

Lhasa Apso
This vivacious dog breed originally belongs to Tibet. It was earlier used as a guard dog, but its lively and gay demeanor has made it into a favorable housedog. An adult dog can reach an utmost height of 11". It has long floppy ears and a thick double-layered coat, which requires regular grooming.

This breed is originally from Cuba and belongs to the Bichon family of dogs. They hide a bold character beneath their fragile appearance and can be good watch dogs for families. They weigh around 3-6 kg and may reach a height of 8-12". They have a thick wavy coat and are normally not prone to shedding. Havanese dogs are full of fun and can be suitable 'play and prank' mates for small children.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog can be easily distinguished by its flat face, snub nose, smooth coat and muscular frame. It reaches a maximum height of 12". This breed is generally very gentle and doesn't snap unless provoked. They generally prefer human interaction and can be fabulous cohorts.

Toy Poodle
Toy Poodles are also known as 'Teacup Poodles', mainly for their extremely small size. A toy poodle may reach a maximum height of 10", and has a weight of not more than 3 kg. Poodles have a very good temperament and high learning abilities that make them good household pets. They require extensive grooming though.

Be it a Poodle or a Pomerian; don't forget to pamper these toy mates. Make them share your life, along with your home.