Here are some tips on understanding dog behavior, curbing its aggressive behaviour tendencies and manipulating dog attitudes.

Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior

Dogs are often known to be friendly with human beings but they require ample training for befitting the human household. It takes a lot of time to train them and make them properly suited to your home and social environment. Solving your dog's behavior may prove to be quite a difficult task in the beginning, do not worry as it can certainly be solved if handled with a little patience, love and care. Simply treat him like a kid who does not understand why jumping the fence isn't an approved activity or why peeing on mat is indecent. Train him with skill, and he will become a perfect companion.

Different Behaviors of Dogs

Aggression in dogs is always for a reason. It is at times to show domination. However most of the times it is fear motivated. Protective, territorial, and possessive aggressions are also visible in dogs to a great extent.

Barking has several reasons. Most of the time, it is due to attention caused due to a threat. However, a dog also barks out of boredom. If he is a puppy and he does not have any outlet of energy, he is then also likely to bark much. He may also bark due to separation anxiety or some phobia.

Digging is the favorite pass time of dog, when he will find nothing to do he will start digging. He may also do it for seeking comfort or protection or seeking attention or wishes to escape.

Destructive Chewing
Though his chewing may prove destructive for you, he hardly even knows that whatever he is doing is destructive. He does it out of fun, playfulness or boredom. If he is a sports breed

Basic Training Techniques For Dogs
In order to make your dog understand the behavioral techniques, first of all you need to understand certain things. Here are few of then….