There are several types of dogs to choose from. Here is a list of dog breeds, a kind of dog breed directory to assist you in finding the best canine mate for you.

Dog Breeds

While choosing a dog, there are several things that must be kept in mind. The breed size and weight of the dog is very important. If you want to carry a dog in your lap, you may need a smaller dog that can sit quietly for long time, while high energy small dogs are good for traveling and picnics. Giant dogs may eat a lot and need a lot of exercise but may make good guardian dogs or shepherding dogs. However, they need more open space to roam about too. While you may want to buy a highly energetic dog, you may not like to be disturbed constantly to play with your pet. On the other hand, low-energy dogs may irritate children for their lack of movement. Different dog breeds have different exercise requirements.

While some dogs need to do tough activities such as playing football and rock climbing, others dog can be kept fit by merely a stroll in the park. There are dog breeds that do not need much exercise at all, and roaming about in the home is enough for them. There are different reasons to why a person buys a dog. One should buy the dog keeping this reason in mind. The length of fur give a complete different look to the dog and hence, they should also be kept in mind. People who are busy don't like dogs that demand constant attention or lick them a lot. While people who are too busy like to see their canine pet thrive by himself or herself, old people who need love and attention may like dogs who constantly keep dropping balls into their laps as a gesture to plead to play with them.

Old people love dogs that are highly affectionate. They love to see their dogs lick their faces and wag their tails every time they see them. There are people who do not like to be very intimate to their dogs and like to keep a distance. Pets who can be trained easily are the ones that are intelligent, energetic and willing to please. If you have other pets at home, you may like a dog that is friendly with smaller species too such as cats and rats. However, if you are buying a dog to keep them off your place, you may need a dog jealous of other species. Other things to keep in mind are the strength, boldness, protectiveness and courage of the dog, how often it needs to be groomed and whether the particular dog breed will be able to tolerate the temperature of the place, where it has to live.