Hair loss or 'Alopecia' is one of the most common problems faced by dogs. Learn more about loss of hair in dogs and its various causes.

Hair Loss in Dogs

A common veterinary condition, hair loss (Alopecia) in dogs is sometimes considered a normal process of shedding. However, in case you notice tufts of pet-hair on your rug or a continuous thinning of your pet's coat, its time to pay your utmost attention. Though a dog may suffer from hair loss for many reasons, in most cases, hair loss is a major symptom of various fatal diseases and infections. Hair loss may even arise due to poor nutrition. Sometimes, there might be symmetrical hair loss on both sides of the body and sometimes hair loss might be in an asymmetrical manner and occur in patches. Generally, symmetrical hair loss denotes that there is some kind of hormonal disorder in your pet, while patchy hair loss means that he is suffering from some kind of skin infection.

Sometimes, thyroid problems may cause shedding of hair, thereby leading to thinning of the dog's coat. Eventually, it gets a peculiar appearance - overweight with brittle fur that is thinning. Old is also one of the most popular reasons for hair loss in a dog. Hence, it is very important for dog-owners to have an idea as to what exactly is causing unhealthy shedding of hair their canine. Whenever you notice any abnormal loss of hair in your pet, immediately get him diagnosed by a good veterinarian. With proper medication and treatment, you will get back your fluffy friend in no time. To know more about hair loss in your canine, we have enumerated below a few major reasons.

Causes of Hair Loss