Canine Arthritis is a very painful experience for a dog. Learn about various symptoms, causes and treatments for Arthritis pain.

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is generally a medical term that denotes any kind of abnormalities or changes in the joints and the structural architecture of the body. It might be the result of an infection, congenital defects, stress or even trauma. Such a condition is usually known as 'Canine Arthritis' in dogs. It might occur in your pet's neck, shoulders, hips, elbows and back and can be extremely painful. Thus, it becomes necessary that you remain aware of the subtle changes in your pet's behavior for an early diagnose of the disease. Identifying early indicators of the disease can save a lot of pain and discomfort for your dog. It will also help you to avoid fatal repercussions associated with long-term joint degeneration. In the following lines, we provide you with the various symptoms, causes and treatments of Arthritis pain in dogs.

Causes of Arthritis in Dogs
How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs
Here are some measures that you can take to cure the problem of Arthritis in your dog.
However acute arthritic pain your dog suffers from; he cannot come up to you and share it. It is you who should be alert and keep a track of his various health related problems. Make it a point to take your pet to regular health check-ups and help him lead a happy and healthy life.