House Training puppies can be very simple if you know how to go about it. Go through this article to learn how to house train a dog/puppy.

How to House Train a Dog

House training your pup is not a casual or let-it-be affair. It demands some amount of commitment from your end to effectively house train a dog. When you get a new pup home; he is not there just to eat your table-scraps or learn some sweet gestures to impress your guests. There is more to the whole affair. The pet has come to share your life and it is necessary that he learns to be a fitting member of the family. Thus, it is required that you open your eyes to every single action of your puppy during the early days and provide him good housebreaking sessions. Consistent monitoring and guidance can only make puppy house training positive and fruitful. Read on to know how to house train a dog.

When to House Train a Dog
Make sure that you bring home a pup that is not more than 6-7 weeks old. It is the appropriate period for molding the behavior of the animal. If the pup is more than 7 weeks, it gets difficult to train him. He already develops some set patterns of behavior that can sometimes be very difficult to change or modify. Younger puppies, on the other hand, are very gregarious and easily adopt necessary behavioral changes. During this time frame, the puppy also gauges your behavior and easily accepts you as a mentor or companion. They easily welcome you to their life and want you to do the same. So, make sure that you develop a healthy bond with your new pet during these early stages of acquaintance.

Potty Training
Making your pup learn adequate toilet habits or potty-training your pup is exactly what housebreaking is all about. Learn these quick dog potty training tips below.
Your puppy might not master all the potty-training chapters at once. But, he can be a quick learner if you guide him well and show patience. If you follow these simple yardsticks of potty training, you will notice that your puppy will be housetrained in no time and undoubtedly grow up to be a wonderful housemate.