Hives in dogs can be very itchy and troublesome. Get information on causes of dog/puppy hives and how to get rid of them.

Hives in Dogs

Itchy welts may break out in the skin of your dog due to insect bites or from various allergens. Medically, the condition is known as 'Urticaria' and can be quite troublesome for your pet. Hives in dog are basically a form of hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to certain products, food, toxins or chemicals. You can easily notice the outbreak of hives on your dog in the form of epidermal abnormalities like lesions, rashes and sore bumps. They might appear on your dog's tongue, skin, lips, face and ears. Though not life-threatening, an itchy skin, erupted with hives, can be a harrowing experience for your pet. Learn what the various symptoms of hives are, and how to effectively get rid of the problem.

The following things may result in hives on your dog
Learn how to effectively eliminate this skin disorder in your dog
It is your responsibility to be a watchdog of your pet and see that he doesn't consume or inhale any allergic product. Keep toxic elements out of his reach and make sure you provide him with a nutritious diet with food that doesn't contain any preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, artificial flavoring and coloring. Be vigilant and be safe.