Boils is a common skin problem in dogs. Read to know what causes boils on puppy & what the treatments for curing the same are.

Boils on Dogs

A common canine infection, pus-filled boils can be really painful for your dog. Boils or 'Furuncles' are generally abscesses that are deep localized skin infections. A boil in the skin may start as a tender outgrowth and eventually develop into a hard and painful eruption and get filled with glutinous liquid called 'pus'. When the boil is considerably soft and swollen, it might sometimes spurt the pus on its own or the pus can be drained out with the help of lancing. Boils might develop as a result of various bacterial infections, sebaceous cysts, nutritional deficiencies or even due to the presence of toxic substances in the circulatory system of a dog. Read this article to know what causes these boils on dogs and various treatments available to get rid of them.

Causes of Dog Boils
Find out the various causes that trigger the eruption of boils on dogs
Home Remedies
Learn some simple remedies that will help you cold-shoulder boils in your pet.
Try these therapeutic home remedies to treat the problem of boils in your dog. Once the boil drains, wash it with an antibacterial soap and apply a medicated ointment and a bandage. Prevent your dog from licking the wound. If the boils still persist, consult a veterinarian. He will recommend various oral antibiotics or other topical treatments to cure the problem.