Playing with dogs using dog toys and dog games make dog sports quite enjoyable.

Dog Toys Ideas

Dog ToysDog toys are best companions for your furry friends. They help them pass their time while alone and thus are quite instrumental in their physical and mental fitness. Unlike cats, dogs are more compromising when it comes to dog toys and are always ready to explore everything given to them for 'playing'. Toys for dogs must be safe for them and should be chosen according to their size, activity level, preferences and the environment around the dog. Their enthusiasm can be a key to how much they liked a particular toy. Be alert enough to keep your dog away from anything that might be ingested and keep things like string, ribbon, rubber bands, children's toys and pantyhose away from their reach and out of their sight.

Toy size is determined by the size of the dog. Too small toys and balls that can easily be swallowed may become a choking hazard for your dog. Toys that are not dog-proof and have removing ribbons; strings or parts that could be chewed upon are dangerous. Toys that are worn and torn or are about to break should be discarded. Toys made of rawhide should be checked by vet for their safety. Only allow dogs to play with toys consisting of hooves, pig's ears and rawhides under your supervision. Toys made of very hard rubber are safer and last longer. Similarly, squeaking toys may motivate you dog to ingest them and thus should only be played with, under your guidance.

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