Here are some tips and ideas on how to bathe a dog. Bathing a dog requires a lot of patience and care.

Dog Bath

Dog Bath

As the myth goes, it is not healthy to bathe a dog frequently. A part of it is true and other part is not. While swimming in natural water is a good exercise for a dog and can be permitted according to its tastes and climate, using soaps or shampoos on dogs regularly can be hazardous. Especially human shampoos can cause an imbalance of sweat on dog's skin and may make its skin dry and itchy, though, mild human shampoos can be used once a month. However, dog-specific shampoos are much better and are recommended to be used only once every several weeks. The medicated shampoos meant to cure particular skin-disorders are different and the frequency of their use depends on the condition of the dog.

It is best to bathe the dog only when its coat becomes greasy or you are about to have a company. Dog odor is also a sign that your dog needs a bath. Mud tends to dry up and fall off the dog's coat by itself as it rubs it on. To bathe the dog, lay a blanket or the floor and keep two towels, dog shampoo, dog conditioner and a washcloth ready by the bathtub. Keep the dog's brush, comb and trash bag on the blanket. Special super-absorbent towels are quite helpful in drying the dog quickly. If the dog's coat is matted, brush him first to untangle the knots and then bathe him. The dogs that get too scared in the tub and keep jumping around, you might try to give him the shower with the hand-held showerheads. Being able to stand on firm ground, will keep him feeling safe.

Inside the tub, you can put a non-slippery rubber bath mat to keep your pooch from slipping. Large dogs can be bathed in the garden using a hose and a bucket, especially when the weather is hot. Don't dump water on dog's face and use a washcloth instead, for the ears of the dog shouldn't get too wet inside and he generally gets too scared when doused over the head and may get aggressive. A good dog shampoo is the best choice but a baby shampoo or a mild herbal shampoo can also be used occasionally. Conditioner helps to prevent tangles, in the dogs with long hair. Good shampooing, rinsing and condition of the dog's skin and coat keep lice and fleas away from dogs. Deodorants can be used to keep off the body odor and keep your dog smelling fresh and healthy.

There are shampoos that claim to be gentle yet effective, perform antibacterial action, have pearlescent whiteners for that shiny sparkling whiteness in the coat and gentle aloe Vera and tea tree oil to keep the skin healthy. Dogs with black and dark colored coats can use special shampoos with them that enhance their natural shine. After lathering and cleaning the dog, rinsing is very important for any shampoo residue may cause skin irritation. Shampoos mild for eyes are recommended. Dogs often give a good shake, soaking you and the room. You can dry your pet using one end of a first towel over his head and drying him with the other end. The second towel is used to pick him up. After drying, lay your dog on the blanket and keep him there until he dries completely.