Here are some tips and techniques on how to train your dogs effectively, without much stress to you or your dog.

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Training the dog is crucial in transforming it from being just an animal to a pet. Just like you need to teach manners and etiquettes to your children, you need to train a dog as well. Dogs often have behavior problems, such as climbing up on sofas and beds and pestering you to play with them and keep talking to them. They either are unable to comprehend even the basic of instructions, such as, to respond when called, to sit down or fetch a newspaper. In such circumstances, training the dog would definitely help you solve the problems. It would also assist your dog in understanding its position in the family and accepting behaving as a part of life.

While some dogs are more submissive, others have dominant nature and quite often challenge their owners to gain the control. Yet others prefer to manipulate the owners instead of being aggressive, growling, snarling, or snapping. They use affectionate behavior and are subtle yet 'pushy'. Dogs, who are more fearful, feel more comfortable by obeying commands and knowing their place in the hierarchy. It makes them feel more secure and confident. Many dogs take children as their playmates rather than superiors as they are smaller and play with them more often. In such cases, you need to make children, older than eight years, learn the training techniques too.

Positive reinforcement is often recommended as the best method to teach anything to dogs. Let the dog earn food, treats, walks or being loved and petted on head, by learning a new trick or command. The greed of getting a treat or being loved just by adhering to a simple command would definitely make your pup perform the tasks efficiently and learn them quickly as well. In the following lines, we have mentioned tips on how to train your dog, so as to help it exhibit acceptable behavior and also save you from embarrassing situations.

How To Train Your Dog