Tiffany/Chantilly is a recent cat breed that is a blend of the two original breeds - Chinchilla and Burmese.

Tiffany/ Chantilly

Tiffany is today known as Chantilly. One of the rare breed found, the cat has a semi long coat that is silky smooth and soft. Chantilly is loyal and extremely affectionate to human beings. Sometimes, it is seen that the feline can be one person cat, i.e. it would be overly affectionate and share close relationship with one of the person in the family. While Chantilly can be extremely interactive with people around, often it might be seen enjoying tranquility and solitude. To know more the history, appearance and personality of Chantilly/Tiffany, browse through the following lines.

Though Chantilly was thought to be extinct, a pair of chocolate kittens was found in New York estate sale in 1967. Luckily, the kittens were neither related to each other as per DNA report, nor were they of the same sex. Their heritage was not known until the two were mated. When the offsprings were produced, they were of the same build, color and coat texture, thereby proving that the felines were a breed. Though the cats belonged to a particular breed, no one had a clue about which one it was. It was only after a research that proved the fact that the cats belonged to the otherwise thought extinct breed, Tiffany. The name Chantilly was later added, thereby causing the name to be Chantilly/Tiffany. It was only recently that Tiffany was dropped from the Chantilly name, due to conflict caused in judging circles and confusion. The misunderstanding was because another UK breed was named as Tiffanie. Though till date, the exact place of origin is not known, tiffany is believed to belong to UK.

Chantilly/Tiffany is a medium sized cat, with a fine silky coat. It has a muscular body, which is neither cobby nor svelte. It has a striking appearance resulting from the combination of its rich color and full, silky semi-longhair coat, plumed tail, contrasting neck ruff, and ear furnishings. It has a medium-sized head, with a firm chin and high and broad cheekbones. The feline has clear luminous eyes, usually in green. However, depending on the coat color, the eye color may as well vary. Blue, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn are the most popular colors the Chantilly cats are found in. The cats are seen donning either solid or tabby patterns. While the females weigh 6 to 8 pounds, the average weight of the males lies somewhere between 8-10 pounds.

Chantilly/Tiffany cats are moderate in nature and temperament. They are neither placid like a Persian nor overactive as Oriental and lie somewhere in the balanced range. Though the felines are affectionate and loyal, it might be seen that they develop a close relation with one of the person in the home. Chantilly prefer solitude and can be seen that the quietly spending hours at a place. For people with full time working hours, Chantilly can be extremely lovable companions. The felines are extremely outgoing, gentle and loving in nature. Not only are they devoted to humans, but also develop cordial relationship with other pets and animals. However, Chantilly can be conservative when it comes to strangers.