Norwegian Forest Cats are also called the skogkatt (forest cat) in Norway

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat is an ancient cat known for centuries. It is a natural breed that probably arrived in Norway from Europe. They are descendants of domestic cats introduced to northern Europe by the Romans. The first efforts to have the Forest Cat recognized as a distinct breed began in the 1930s; before that they were considered as a standard house-cat. The first Norwegian cat club was founded in 1934, and in 1938 the first Forest Cat was exhibited at a show in Oslo, Norway. World War II, however, hindered these efforts and the breed was forgotten until the 1970s.

Then in 1970s, the cat fanciers of Norway started a serious breeding program to preserve the Norwegian Forest Cat. The first international association which accepted the breed was FIFe, in 1977. TICA was the first to recognize the breed in 1984. The breed attained CFA Championship status in 1993 and got recognition from ACA in 1985. The cats are now publicized in several countries including the United States. There are also rumors that Norwegian Forest Cats are the early ancestors of the Maine Coon and the long-haired Manx.

Norwegian Forest Cat is a relatively large cat, with hind legs longer than front legs. It has a thick fluffy and double-layered coat. It is solidly muscled and well-balanced. It has high bone density. It has large almond shaped eyes. The eyes can be blue or green in color. Norwegian Forest Cat has long bushy tails which protect them against the cold. Their coat is effectively waterproof because of its coarse outer layer and dense underlay. They are generally very large in size with adult males weighing 6 to 10 kg and females approximately 3 to 5 kg. Their hind legs are longer in comparison to their front legs.

Norwegian Forest Cats are natural athletes. They have a sweet, friendly, and family-oriented temperament. They love to be in human company. They can easily adjust with new people and new environment. Norwegian Forest Cats are very intelligent, robust and playful & likes to play outdoors. They are well suited to cold temperature and are considered to be great hunters. They also enjoy the company of other pets and do not like to be left alone by their owners. The most appreciated quality of Norwegian is patience, which makes them great for a family with children. They enjoy climbing trees, appliances, bookshelves and other elevated surfaces in the home. Norwegian Forest Cats are one of the most admired family pets which do not need much maintenance.