Cornish Rex cat breed is famous for its prominent curves.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is domestic cat breed. This breed of cat has no hair except for down i.e. like as most of the cats, Cornish Rex breed of cat do not have outer fur and awn hair but they have a simple and thin about 1 cm long undercoat. Despite having only a thin undercoat, they are found in variety of coat colors and patterns. White, black, chocolate, orange and dilutes of blue, lilac and cream are few colors in which you can find a Cornish Rex. They are also found in all kind of tabbies from classic to mackerel and ticked to tuxedo. They have been accepted as an original breed by all the cat associations except TCA.

The origin of this breed is traced back to Cornwall. These cats are said to be a natural breed was created as a result of a spontaneous natural mutation, which occurred in non-pedigree cats in Cornwall, England in 1950. Serena, a tortie and white short hair pet cat gave birth to five kittens in 1950, out of which four were entirely normal. The fifth kitten was however formed with curly coat and whiskers. This kitten named Kallibunker was the first ever seen Cornish Rex breed cat. He was then bred to his mother to produce two other kittens similar to him. Later one of the female kitten produced by this cross was brought to England and breeded with Siamese breed. All the Cornish Rex present today are the successors of Kallibunker.

Cornish Rex is long and slender. The shape of its body is gently curved throughout its outline. Their size varies between small and medium. They are also very soft. They have very large ears and their coat comprises of very short hairs, very close to their body. Their head is egg shaped and their cheekbones are prominently high. Their face is distinguished by their hollow cheeks and high-bridged Roman nose and strong chin. Cornish Rexs have a small waist but very fine long legs. Despite their slender body types, they are extremely well-built and muscular. They also have long, slender and flexible tapering toward the end. An adult Cornish Rex weighs around 5-9 pounds.

Cornish Rex are said to be very affectionate, friendly, alert and people-oriented breed of cats. They are said to be one of the most attractive and interactive breeds amongst cats. They are very active, even at the age of 15 years; they behave as if they are 15 months old. They are also very curious, so incase you are planning to get along with a Rex, it is always suggested to make your home cat proof first. They are very lively and love to indulge in jumping and getting nosy with others.