The Siberian is one of the largest breeds of domestic cat.

Siberian Cat

Siberian cats are semi longhair breed of cat. They are large in body size and weigh up to 16 pounds. Legendry stories in Russia, which is the ancestral place fro this cat tells that this cat once weighed 45 pounds and was no less than a dog. However, myths apart, the present breed of Siberian cats are gentle and loving breed of cats which have huge, long and royally furry body. They are found in several colors. The Siberian Cats are rare breed of cats but they have a strong fan base in America. They are recognized by all the North American associations of Cats except CCA

Siberian cats are not recently arrived breed of cats. They have been bound in Russia from as long as 100 years. It is said that they were brought to Russia by Russians who were back from to Siberia to their native land. In order to suit to the cold climate in Russia as well as mating with the domestic cats of the country they acquired the longer hair, durable coats and larger, stockier bodies. They were not much known to the world until they drew attention at the first modern cat show at Crystal Palace in London in 1871.

There are no prominent records of Siberian cats available in Russia till 1980 as government discouraged the habit of keeping pets due to the shortage of food and other resources. Very less family opted for cats as pet and that is why cats lived on their own hunting mice in barns, fields, and factories. May be this is how most of the Siberian cats survived in Russia till that time. This may the reason that they developed tough, large and agile bodies along with strong jaws.

It was in 1987 that the Russian Government finally took back its restrictions on house pets. This was when breeders and fanciers in Russia started forming cat clubs. In 1988 the first cat show in Russia was organized and Siberian breed was officially introduced to the world. The cat gained much popularity then and its demand rose worldwide. As the cold war had also ended the Siberians were also exported to Russia. By then American as well as other Europeans have been fancied by theses beautiful Siberians.

Siberian cats are large, strong and well built. The furs of the Siberians are their special quality. The overall appearance of Siberian cat is round and bulky. They have well muscled body and backed slightly arched over their shoulders. On an average they weigh around 8-16 pounds. They have medium built and their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs. A Siberian cats head is like a modified wedge with curved contours. Their ears are medium-large, smoothed, and broad at the base and slanted slightly forward. Eyes are round in size and medium in shape. The Siberian cats have moderately long to long triple-layered coat.

Siberians are loving and playful cats. They are even friendly with strangers. Very intelligent and loyal, Siberians are one of the most popular breeds of cat n the world. They have a fascination with water and food. They love being cuddled and enjoy sleeping in your lap a lot. They are agile if compared to their body size. A Siberian cat is quiet by nature but love getting attention. They are very easy to tame and handle.