Exotic Shorthair is popularly known the lazy man's Persian

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Short Hair is a wonderful breed of cat very similar to the Persian cat. They are often called lazy Persian because of the laid back style of the breed. It is basically a medium to large size, heavily boned long haired cat breed which is similar to Persian cats not only in their looks but also in their devoted, sweet and loving nature. They are also popularly called 'Persians in Pajamas'. However as compared to the Persian cats, the Exotic Short Hair demands less attention and grooming. They are accepted as a separate breed by all the North American Cat Associations.

The history of these Exotic Short Hair breed can be traced back to the 1950s when the American Shorthair were bred with Persians to improve the conformation and to introduce the Persian's impressive silver color into their breed. This was how the American Shorthair began devekoping Persian features and their faces started becoming more round and broad and body more solid and compressed in design. Their hair also became soft and dense. However, the result of this cross breed was slow.

Exotic breeders then introduced Burmese and Russian Blues in addition to American Shorthairs to be crossed with Persian cats in order introduce the dominant shorthair gene. They used these shorthaired breeds only long enough to inculcate the shorthair gene into the bloodlines. Once it was inculcated, crossing back to shorthairs was unnecessary and thus made less frequent. In 1987 CFA completely banned Exotic to shorthair outcrosses.

However most of the people considered them only as shorthaired Persian. It was Jane Martinke, a CFA judge and American Shorthair breeder who considered that this handsome breed has the potential of being recognized as a new breed in 1966. The first name suggested for this breed was Sterling because of its beautiful silver color. However, they finally settled on the on Exotic Shorthair. The logic behind this name was that by the introduction of new silver color in the American Shorthair, the breeders have made this breed exotic. In 1967, the Exotic Shorthair was accepted for CFA championship and in 1993; the CFA shortened its name to Exotic.

Exotics are short hair breed with a medium to large size body and short, thick legs. It has massive and round head with a short and thick neck. An average exotic breed weighs around 6-14 pounds. They have high bone density and a well-balanced body. The eyes of Exotic short hair breed are large, round, and set far apart. They have a thick, dense, plush and soft coat and with a short and thick tail. Apart from as black, bi-colors, pointed colors, smokes, tortoiseshell, tabbies and all the Persian colors, they are also available in a rainbow of hues too which are impossible to be explained.

Exotic's personality is very alike to the Persian breed. Exotic are also loving and caring. They are also loyal and sensitive towards their master. Though there are a little quite, they love fun-loving and athletic. They also enjoy being in the company of people who let her enjoy without being mischievous. They love to sleep and live a luxurious life style. They are called the perfect indoor cats because of their tame and docile Personality.