The Cymric cat breed is very similar to that of Manx


The Cymric is a breed of long haired cat. They are often considered to be a long haired variety of the Manx breed of cats rather than being considered a completely distinct breed. In fact except for the long hair traits of cymric, both the breeds are similar to each other in all aspects. The word Cymru from which this name Cymric is derived is the indigenous Welsh name of Wales, though this is a myth that this breed of cat has any relation with the Welsh, the origin of cat is related to the successor of Manx Cats from the Isle of Man. Though most of the cat associations believe Cymric to be an original breed, the TICA and ACF regard it as a variety of the Manx.

Though the official acceptance of Cymric as a breed is a very recent phenomenon, the breed has existed on this earth for a long time. Their origin is traced back to the Isle of Man, an island located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland where it is said to be introduced by human settlers and explorers. Cymric was earlier known to be Longhaired Manx, its name was later changed to be the name was changed to Cymric in 1970s.

According to the records of the island, the special trait of taillessness in Cymric began as a mutation amongst Isle of Man's domestic cat population. As there is not much scope of varied gene pool in this small island, this trait became dominant and was passes from one generation to other along with the long hair genes. Many long haired tailless kittens were born from Manx but were often discarded as mutants. However, when the same kinds of kitten were born in Canada in 1960, they were treated with much respect and some time later recognized as a breed.

The Cymric cat is identified as a tailless furry cat with a round head and full eyes. It is compressed and chubby in appearance. It has a short and thick neck over a mall to medium-sized muscular body. Adult males of Cymric breed weigh 9 to 13 pounds; adult female cats weigh 7 to 11 pounds. The ears of Cymric cat are medium-sized and widely spaced, narrowing gradually to a rounded tip.

The hair of Cymric cat is mid length and dense over the main body adding more to its chubby appearance. The hair gradually grows from shoulders to rump. The hair on the abdomen and neck ruff is usually longer than that on the main body. The cheeks of Cymric cats are thick and full and its facial hair extends towards its cheeks like bib. This cat breed has impressive tufts.

Cymric cats are intelligent, funny and are friendly with other pet animals. They are impressive learners and are very soft and non-fussy in nature. They are very obedient and loyal to their owners. Cymrics very quickly bond with their human companions. They love cuddling and lap swinging. Some of the Cymric cats' owners describe them as cute as teddy bears. Though they love company, they are usually not overly demanding of attention. They love water and love playing with it, however do not assume they love bathing. They are moderately active and playful.