The Singapura breed has entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest breed of domestic cat.

Singapura Cat

Singapura cat is counted amongst the smallest breeds of cats in the world. Famous for their large eyes, big ears and blunt tail, they present a combination of both the ticked coat pattern and the dark brown color (both of them being indigenous to South East Asia). The breed of Singapura cat can be found throughout the words today and is recognized by most of the registration associations. These cats can look similar to Abyssinian cats in the first instance. However, as you undertake a closer inspection, you will find only the large ears to be a major resemblance.

Singapura cat, as the very name suggests, is the native of Singapore. Looking into the breed's history, you will find that it was brought into the U.S. in 1975, by Tommy and Hal Meadow, when they were coming back to America after a working stint in Singapore. They brought back three local 'brown-ticked' kittens from Singapore, one male and two female. The three kittens, later, laid down the foundation of Singapura cat in the United States.

In 1981, a breeder visited Singapore and saw a cat similar to the US Singapura cat (named after the traditional name of Singapore), in the local SPCA. It was after the breeder's visit that Singapura cat was officially imported to the US and adopted into the breeding program. The year 1982 saw the cat being accepted for registration by the CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association). Six years later, it was awarded the championship status.

Singapura is a small cat, which is known for its remarkably large eyes and ears. Its ears are slightly pointed and deeply cupped, while the eyes are almond-shaped and can be hazel, green or yellow in color. The cat has a moderately stocky and muscular body, with a very short and fine coat. The skull is rounded, while the muzzle is broad and the nose blunt. Singapura cat has a slender tail, which has a blunt tip and is only a bit shorter than the length of the body

Describing the coat of Singapura cat, we can say that it has a pattern of ticked tabby. In other words, the individual hair strands of the coat have alternating sections of dark and light color. In majority of the cases, the hair strands of the cat's coat comprise of two dark bands, divided by two light bands, with dark colored tip. The underside of the cat, comprising of the chest, muzzle and chin, have the color of the light bands.

Singapura cats are also known as "pesky people cats", since they have a similar disposition. They are extrovert by nature and have a very inquisitive personality. Playful and fun to be around, these cats are also very intelligent and interactive. Singapura cats have a very soft voice, are extremely affectionate and love to be involved in human interaction. They are excellent climbers and would surely like to get on top of a high object and have a view of the complete surroundings.

Singapura cats love to bask in warm places and can easily squeeze themselves into the smallest of places. These cats are very gentle and have no destructive traits in them, but are full of mischief. They are non confrontational by their very nature and you will hardly ever see them entering into a dispute or quarrel, deliberately. In this breed of cats, the female forms the more dominant sex, while the males are a bit more easygoing.