Devon Rex Cat/Kitten is famous for its soft, short, naturally curly coat.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a breed of cat discovered in Devonshire, UK. They are actually curly, very soft cat resembling Cornish Rex. They have very soft short coat and unusual look. The unusual look of Devon Rex is the result of less guard hair as compared to other cats. In order to like a Devon Rex's look, one has to overcome the perceived notion of how a cat looks like. Despite Devon's odd look, people who a pet them, love them for their playful and companionable nature. Though they are often considered to be related to the Cornish Rex, in realty they are both completely different variety.

The first Devon Rex was discovered as a litter amongst a dozen of kittens near a disused tin mine in Buckfastleigh, Devonshire, UK in 1960. Due to its similarity in looks, it was thought to be related to the Cornish Rex. The owner of the first ever discovered Devon Rex, Kirlee contacted the Cornish Rex breeding center in Cornwall. However when tests were carried to establish its genetic relations with the same, the test proved otherwise. All the off springs of Devon Rex and Cornish Rex were straight coated kittens. When Kirlee was breed with one of the straight coated kittens born from himself and Cornish Rex, three kittens were born two of them with straight coats and one with curly coat later named as Devon Rex. However it was only in 1967 that GCCF recognized Devon Rex as a separate breed.

In a first impression the Devon Rex gives a very unusual impression and may be this is why named as an alien cat. Its body size ranges from small to medium and it has a muscular frame. It is also known for its large mischievous eyes prominent set of ears and slightly upturned noses. However, the most visible traits that differentiate it from other animals are its curly coats and their gnome looks. They are very lightly built with long sturdy legs.

Devon cats are very alert and active kind of cats. They are also very loving and affectionate. They are full of playfulness and curiosity. A Devon Rex loves to be cuddled, hugged and kissed. They are very much loyal to their master and love lie and rub on him. They are not overly demanding. They love people around. One of the most favorite activities of Devon Rex is jumping, they will jump to the utmost extent possible for them to reach the top most space in the room they are playing. They also love to occupy any space large enough to admit them, that is why they are often seen lying in the closet, shelf, or laundry basket of their home.