The Havana Brown noted for its warm, chocolate-brown color.

Havana Brown

The Havana Browns are one of the oldest breed of cats like Siamese. They are also medium sized muscular breed of cat found in burnished mahogany color. Like Siamese and Korat breed, they have also originated from the land of Siam, now called Thailand. Though the original date of its evolution is unknown, the Havana Brown breed was recreated again in 1950s. Different organizations accept it in different forms like the AACE, ACFA, CFA , CCA, TCA and UFO accept it in solid brown color. CFF and TICA name this breed Havana and accept only its solid brown and solid lilac variety.

Havana is one of the oldest cat breeds found in the world. Its history can be traced back to the days of the origin of Siamese and Korat variety. The manuscripts written in between 1350 and 1767 mention this cat breed. However, scientifically anything came in being after Solid brown cats were sent to Britain from Thailand. The records of 1800 when this export was carried out describe Havana as Siamese, with burnished chestnut coats and green-blue eyes. Gradually with time Siamese became more popular than the Solid brown cats which lost in the crowd because of the lost interest and support of the fanciers. After World War II, like many other varieties, this breed of cat was almost eliminated from the scenario.

It was in 1952 that the interest of people in Solid Brown again grew up. Five different breeders working individually on this project came together to produce solid brown cats with a complete coating of chocolate points on a Siamese, rather than the ebony brown of the Burmese. After the use of seal point and chocolate point Siamese cats black domestic shorthairs and, to a limited extent, Russian Blues, in 1958 they finally created a breed that was recognized by Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. It was then named as Chestnut Foreign Shorthair. Later in 1970 the name of the British breed of this cat as changed to Havana.

Havana Brown is a unique breed in itself with a very distinctive head longer than its width and wide-set ears which are large but not flashed. Overall, it has a smooth lovely coat, brilliant green eyes, huge and forward-bent ears. It has a moderate body size with moderate body type, somewhere between cobby and svelte. The average weight of this cat breed is around 6 to 10 pounds. Havana Brown is also known for standing tall on their legs. Their tail is moderate in shape and size and proportional to their body. They have a smooth and glazy coat which has short to medium hair. Basically the breed can be seen in two different colors lilac and brown color.

Havana browns are warm, calm, highly smart, and, quiet. They are also very much adaptable to any situation with ease. They are neither too active, not also a kitty couch potato. They love easing around and are naturally playful in nature. They are quiet, gentle and moderately docile. They would love not to be over exerted but will feel left alone if not given proper attention.