Siamese are legendary cats from Thailand

Siamese Cat

Siamese are one of the oldest and popular breed of cats. Several breeds have originated after breeding with Siamese; so many breeds owe their origin to this variety. Ocicat, Himalayan, Burmese, Tonkinese, Snowshoe are few of the cats which have originated from Siamese. The Siamese breeds are named so because their origin is traced back to Siam, now known as Thailand. The date of their origin still remains untraced. They are basically medium sized breeds' with svelte body and striking features. They are recognized by All North American cat associations as a specific breed.

Siamese Cats are called as Royal Cat of Siam as they have been there for centuries. It is said that in ancient era, they were the companions of royal and religious leaders. They also get a mention in The Cat-Book Poems which confirms its existence in Siam from 1350-1767. As these cats were treated as auspicious creature in Siam, they were never handed to any outsider in the city. This was the only reason that the rest of the world didn�t become familiar with this cat breed until the 1800s

The first official exhibition of Siamese cats was arranged in the first modern-style cat show at London�s Crystal Palace in 1871. People fell in love with these breed of cat at the very first instance. With its unique color pattern and nimble and graceful body style, Siamese soon became one of the most popular cat breed in Great Britain.

The Siamese were brought to the United States around 1890. Due to its loving characteristics, they soon became popular amongst the growing American cat fancy. Although the cat fantasy suffered several upsurges and down surges during the troubled phases of the Great Depression and World War II, somehow the Siamese cat retained its popularity and today is one of the most popular shorthaired cat breeds in the world.

Siamese are attractive cats with large baby blue almond-shaped eyes. They have long bodies, long heads, long tails, long necks and long legs. They have a long tubular body which is well boned and muscular. The Siamese breeds have slender neck and svelte legs. They are of medium body size and their weight varies between 5 to 15 pounds. The coats of the Siamese breed are short, soft and glazy. Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac are four basic coat colors for Siamese. The ear, face mask, feet and tail of a Siamese variety is darker as compared to the rest of the body.

Siamese are very friendly, affectionate and loving variety of cat. They are exceedingly clever and very good learners. They are also very amusing as they keep on entertaining you with their fun loving activities, you may find your Siamese cat grinning down at you from the your highest book shelf. Siamese is also said to possess royal attitude, they are extremely vocal and demand attention to the utmost extent. They Siamese cat are also very loyal.