Nebelung cat brred is considered to be a semi-long haired cousin of the Russian Blue cat breed.


The Nebelung is an elegant cat breed which has been recently recognized by breeders. Nebelung is a German term that means "creatures of the mist". In the early 1980s, in America, a black domestic cat gave birth to two shorthaired females - Siegfried and Brunhilde. The father of these kittens was an Angora mix. One of the two shorthaired female kittens produced a litter of kittens that included a blue semi-longhaired male kitten, which became the Nebelung's foundation cat.

TICA is the first association which gave reorganization to the Nebelung and provided them the breed standard. The goal of the Nebelung breeding program is to produce a new breed of Nebelung which would be a blue cat same as were imported from Russia in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. After that they would be combined with a thick shimmering coat of medium length.

Nebelung is medium in size with well muscled body. The body and tail of Nebelung are long in comparison to other cats. Nebelung have silky fur, with medium-long size which possesses a dense undercoat. The bright blue color is contrasted with silver-tipped guard hairs and therefore, the coat catches the light, giving it a luminous, misty quality.

Nebelung has an angular, modified wedge-shaped head consisting of seven flat planes. Their eyes are generally wide and green in color. Kittens may have yellow eyes that deepen to green as they mature. The ears are large in proportion to the head. The coat of Nebelung is medium long on the body & longer on the tail. The overall appearance is long, sturdy and well muscled.

Nebelungs are lively, playful, affectionate, good-natured and intelligent cats. They are mild and gentle. It is an active cat; even then it can live very well indoors. They are generally more comfortable among its family and don't prefer to mix up with strangers. Nebelungs gladly accept company of other cats, but do not like to be with rowdy dogs or highly active cats. They make excellent, loving and playful companions to their owners.

They are extremely intelligent but their behavior is highly predictable. Nebelung enjoys sitting in a lap and loves being patted. It has a habit of following its favorite person devotedly from room to room. This cat likes routine and takes a little time to adjust according to the changes around it. The Nebelung is generally healthy and just need love and affection of its owner to remain fit.