European Burmese Cat Breed originated from Wrong Mau

European Burmese

European Burmese are the breed of athletic muscular cat with moderate body type. Though their name gives a clue that the breed must have originated in Europe but the actual origin place of this breed of cat is South East Asia. It actually comes from the bloodlines from Wong Mau, the foundation cat of the North American Burmese. It is recognized by CFA, TCA and UFO as an individual breed under the name European Burmese. However other organizations like CCA and CFF identify it as a cat breed under the name Foreign Burmese. These cats are highly affectionate and lovable.

The history of the origin of European Burmese can be traced back to a period when two of Wong Mau's successors were imported Britain by Siamese breeder Lilian France. The female cat named Chindwin's Minou Twm while being imported to Europe was pregnant but unluckily lost her kids due in the quarantine phase. Later due to her exceedingly poor health, another female cat Laos Cheli Wat was brought to Europe. After two years, the Siamesse breeder Lilian France imported another Wong Mau male cat, Casa Gatos Darkee. Minou and Cheli were then bred with Gatos and this resulted in tehe rise of Wong Mua breed in Europe.

The gene pool of the Wong Mau cat despite these breeding programs remained limited in Europe. It was then Siamese were included in Burmese breeding programs. In 1963, a female blue Burmese was mated with a red tabby domestic shorthair. Like wise, a brown female Burmese and a red point Siamese were bred. Later a tortie and white barn cat with recessive Siamese gene was crossed with a male brown Burmese with the recessive blue gene. This is how the breed of European Burmese came in existence that too with various colors.

The European Burmese not very similar to the traditional Burmese breed of cat. It is tough, athletic and muscular. It has a medium body size. The head of European Burmese is also medium in size and like a wedge in shape but very much in proportion to body set on a medium length necks. The chest of a European Burmese is well-built and rounded. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs and feet of theses cats are small and oval. Tail of the European Burmese is slightly tapered at the end and medium in length and diameter both. Eyes of the European Burmese are big and oval with colors varying between lustrous and bright yellow to amber. The coat of the European Burmese is short, soft and glossy.

European Burmese are considered to be highly clever, loving and loyal. They love living in a company. Similar to their American cousins, they are agile and entertaining. They are attention demanding and love forming bond with their master. If left alone for long time the European Burmese become depressed and unhappy. They love getting hugged and cuddled. In case you can't deal with their overtly attention demand, you should not go for European Burmese because they can't tolerate being left out alone.