Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed is considered to be the first cousin of the Siames.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthairs cats are the cousins of Siamese cats. They are identified by the sixteen different "point" colors on their body apart from the four Siamese colors- seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac points. Hybrid breed and half cousins to Siamese breeds, the Colorpoint Shorthairs cats are very much similar to their first cousins even in their body structure- small to medium in size with svelte body shape. In USA, these Colorpoint Shorthairs cats are treated as an entirely different while in UK they are treated just as a variety of Siamese breed.

The first Colorpoint Shorthairs were developed after breeding Siamese cats with other varieties in 1940. Since then, out-breeding with Siamese cats is common. The earliest breeding were focused on generating cats with red or cream colors at their face, ears, legs, and genital regions. However, later Abyssinian, and the red domestic breed were also used for breeding with the Siamese cats to give rise to more varieties of Colorpoint Shorthairs. The place of origin of these cats is Britain and North America. These crossbreeds' cats were acknowledged as a breed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1964. The Colorpoint Shorthairs was also later in 1974 accepted for CFA championship. Today, CCA and TCA other than CFA regard the Colorpoint Shorthair as a separate breed than Siamese.

Colorpoint Shorthairs cat are very similar to the Siamese cats in appearance except for the similarity in their traditional four. Very much like the Siamese breed, they also have long, tube-shaped bodies, wedge-shaped heads, beautiful vivid blue eyes and big ears. However, other than the traditional seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac color points they are available in red point, cream point, lynx point, and tortie point. Their size varies from small to medium and there coat is formed of very shorthair. The colorpoint shorthairs have a svelte body and angular legs but they are still very strong and muscular. They have a slender neck and long tapered tail. They generally weigh around 7-8 pounds.

Colorpoint Shorthairs cats are said to be very loving and naughty. They are also very active, outgoing and intelligent. Whenever they are awake, you will find them busy in some work or another. They love jumping around and behave very affectionately if kept in lap and cuddled. You may ever found them curled around your bed when you are in deep sleep. They return 200 percent of the loyalty and love they receive from their master. Colorpoint Shorthairs are also interactive and chatty. They make great companions for people who love funny adventures. Color points is very sensitive towards her owner, she often tries to entertain him/her through her vaudevillian stunts and gymnastic activities.