Egyptian Mau cat breed has delightful Personality and striking Appearance.

Egyptian Mau

In Egyptian language, Mau means cat. Thus an Egyptian Mau means a cat that belongs to Egypt. It is the fastest breed of a domestic cat that runs about 30 miles per hour. An Egyptians Mau can easily be differentiated by other cats because of its beautiful natural spots. It is the only cat breed which acquired spots without human interventions, not only their spots are catchy and beautiful, overall the unique elegance of the these cats are certainly going to attract your attention. The Egyptian Mau was first of all recognized by a distinct breed by CFF in 1968, the CCA followed soon after.

Perhaps Egyptians were the very first people to have alliance with cats. It is assumed that they kept cats as pets in order to keep rodents away from the stores of grain and thus prevent famines. Not only were the Egyptian's domestic companion, they were also regarded as a sacred animals associated with their Egyptian gods. If some fanciers are to be believed Egyptian Mau is the oldest available breed of domestic breeds in the world. However, these fancies have no scientific back up, it is said that though many ancient paintings have structure similar to Egyptian Mau, it does not give the scientific evidence of their existence.

The modern and documented history of Mau cats began from early 1900s when these cats were bred and displayed in Italy, Switzerland and France. However most of its population was destroyed during World War II. By the 1940' arrival almost all the Egyptian Mau disappeared from the world. They were rediscovered in 1950 when a young boy gifted Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy, living in exile in Italy with a silver female Mau whom he had received from the diplomatic corps at a Middle Eastern embassy. After sometime Troubetskoy came to know that it was actually a Mau. However as there was a dearth of available variety to crossbreed with this Mau, it inbreeding and outcrossed to keep the breed going

An Egyptian Mau is medium in built with short coat hair. They are spotted in the colors like bronze, silver and smoke. Their spots are unevenly distributed and are variable in shape and size. The tails of Egyptian Mau are medium long and thick at the base. Their head is medium in size and wedge shaped without flat panes. The legs of the Egyptian Mau are very strong and slender. They have loose flap skin extending from the flank to the knee of the hind which makes them a fast runner. Average weight of an Egyptian Mau is 6-14 pound.

Egyptian Mau is an outgoing in nature and likes company. They are moderately talkative but highly active. Mau demands a lot of attention and is also extremely loyal and passionate about their master. Not only they are elegant and poised, they are equally intelligent and even-tempered and easy to be trained. They are food and toy lovers. People who pet Egyptian Mau describe them extremely loving and affectionate.