California Spangled Cat is a recently developed breed that resembles leopard

California Spangled Cat

California Spangled cat belongs to a breed that has the looks of a wild cat and characteristics of a domestic one. California Spangled cats are a crossbreed of many strains of cat, including the Abyssinian, American Shorthair and British Shorthair. Contrary to their wild look, Spangles are purely domestic and adore playing and interacting with their people. Its face looks extremely expressive and intelligent. The cat was essentially bred in the 1980s, to raise awareness and consciousness about endangered leopards. However, the felines are very rare and not readily available. In the following lines, we have provided information on the history, appearance and the personality of California Spangled cats.

The conception of the breed first came in the mind of writer-director, Paul Casey, on his visit to Africa in 1971. On his stay in Africa, Casey was stricken by the declining numbers of the wild cats. So, when he returned to US, he was resolute in mind to create a breed of domestic cat, with the look of the wild. This was mainly done with a hope that people would not want to wear furs that resembled their own pets. For the next ten years, he continued to make efforts in this regard. His efforts soon bore him fruits, as he produced the same kind of cat he had envisaged - a low-slung, graceful, cat with the long, lean look of a hunter, complete with leopard-like spots. It was in 1986, that the California Spangle was introduced in the iconic Nieman Marcus Christmas catalog - one of the flashiest introductions a cat breed ever received.

At the first instance, California spangled cat looks like a miniature leopard, with long, lean, muscular body and a low slung walk. Though the cat mostly has a round blockish dots on the body, there are ones with triangular, oval, or square spots as well. California spangled cat are typically found in bronze, gold, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, or white coat. The spots on the body are well defined, as they are dark in shade as compared to the coat color. Talking about facial features, the cat sports contoured, sculpted cheekbones, with almond-shaped eyes that are well apart with a gently slope. It has wild, medium-sized and rounded ears that are set well back from the face and a broad, well developed muzzle. The feline has light, large whisker pads. It has a moderately sized tail, with dark rings and a dark tip. While the males weigh about 12 to 15 pounds, females are generally 8 to 10 pounds in weight.

Talking about the personality of California Spangled breed of cats, these are extremely affectionate, social and curious. Most importantly, it is utmost devoted to its owner, making it one of the most loved domestic cats. California Spangled cats are well-known for their intelligence, athletic abilities, high energy level, and accidental acrobatics. A mixed breed, the kitty has very sharp hunting skills and love to pounce. Much unlike other cats, it loves games that have a large participation of its owners.