Yorkshire Terriers have long, fine and silky coat and are quite adventurous. They tend to attract trouble but are highly energetic, brave, loyal and clever.

Yorkshire Terrier

Breed Type: Toy

Weight: 7 lbs

Height: 8 to 9 inches

Coat type: Very long silky hair.

Color: A Yorkie puppy is born black but takes on blue and tan colors as it matures. The shades may range from golden brown to steel gray.

Nature: These tiny dogs are not so delicate after all and seem oblivious to their size when dealing with larger dogs. However, they deal fine with cats and other household pets. Pampering these dogs too much may confuse them and may turn them neurotic. These little dogs with terrier streak are quite adventurous, curious and playful. As puppies they are very energetic though they quiet down with age and training. Yorkshire Terriers are quite affectionate, share close bonds with the family, lively, intelligent, tend to bark more, aggressive towards strangers and are tolerant of children, if they are not over-teased or their territory is encroached upon. Consistent training helps them to learn quickly.

Grooming: Yorkshire Terriers require daily intensive brushing and combing of the coat and regular checking of the ears. Loose hair must be removed from the air passages and they should be kept clean.

Exercise: Yorkies can adapt themselves to the activity level of the family.