Treeing Walker Coonhounds have powerful and mobile shoulders and are able to learn from example. They need a lot of attention and are good working, hunting and companion dogs.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Breed Type: Hound
Weight: 50 to 70 lbs
Height: 20 to 27 inches
Coat Type: Smooth, glossy, close, dense and fine coat that is hard to touch

Treeing Walker Coonhound, native to the United States of America, is known to have been descended from an English Foxhound. A hound by its very breed type, this dog is known to have a lot of energy and is virtually tireless. You will find it to be extremely fast and responsive, alert to everything that is happening around. The breed is recognized by its distinctive bay, which helps an owner identify its Treeing Walker Coonhound from great distances as well. Though they have a very affectionate nature, these dogs need to spend a major portion of their time outdoors, where they can undertake a lot of exercise.

Looking back into the history of Treeing Walker Coonhound, we come to know that the dog is a descendant of the English Foxhound, which, as per the records, was imported to Virginia in the year 1742, by Thomas Walker. In the next century i.e. somewhere in the 1800s, a Foxhound was crossed with a dog of unknown origin, known as 'Tennessee Lead'. The resultant breed was crossed once again, with Foxhounds that were imported into the country by George Washington. With time, we got the breed that is today known as 'Treeing Walker Coonhound'. However, it was only in the year 1946 that the breed was recognized. Today Treeing Walker has attained recognition as well as popularity across the world.

Treeing Walker Coonhound is an athletic dog, with powerful and mobile shoulders. The head is small and, when compared with it, the ears as well as the muzzle seem to be too long. Another peculiar characteristic of the dog is that its upper lips hang well below the lower jaw. As for the forelegs, they are long, straight and lean. The eyes are big and bright, usually brown in color. Treeing Walker Coonhound dogs have a smooth coat, which has a glossy sheen to it. They come in a tri-color and a bi-color pattern. Most of the people prefer to buy tri-colored Coonhounds, with a combination of white, black and tan colors.

Good with children and even other dogs, Treeing Walker Coonhounds are easy to train, as they learn from example. Though primarily working and hunting dogs, they can prove to be great companions and demand a lot of attention. Full of life, loving, eager to please, bright and confident, these dogs are swift and have a keen sense of smell as well as great endurance. However, a Tree Walker Coonhound needs to be socialized at a young age. The dog is known for its trailing, hunting and treeing instincts. A hunting breed, it is not suitable for apartment living, as it needs lot of exercise and will try to escape to resume hunting.