German Shepherds, commonly known as Alsatians are handsome and strong and the white ones are known as the American White Shepherd. They are bold, fearless, eager, highly intelligent and alert.

German Shepherd

Breed Type: Herding

Weight: 75 to 95 lbs

Height: 24 to 26 inches for Males, 22 to 24 inches for Females

Coat type: Usually has long coarse hair on coat that can be either straight or wavy.

Color: German Shepherds are usually available in black, gray with regular brown markings or yellow to light brown markings. It is not advisable to buy white German Shepherd.

Nature: Noble in appearance, character and purpose, a German Shepherd is courageous, brave and has keen senses. These dogs are capable of warm companionship and are active and dignified. They befriend children once they get to know them and are intelligent, unconditionally loyal, obedient and protective and hardly ever run away. They do not allow intruders in their homes and can get along with other family pets and animals, if proper socialization takes place. Sensitive to voice and intelligent enough to understand things quickly, German Shepherds are eager pupils.

Grooming: Grooming with a special comb is required during shedding to remove dead and loose hair.

Exercise: German Shepherds like to work and undergo agility, obedience and police trials and training. They like to go on fishing, swimming and hiking trips with their owners. However, they need enough rest when young to all for the proper development and growth of bones, joints and muscles.