Australian Shepherds, also known as Aussies, are robust, rustic, easy going, playful and affectionate.

Australian Shepherd

Breed Type: Herding

Weight: 50 to 65 lbs for Males, 40 to 55 lbs for Females

Height: 20 to 23 inches for Males, 18 to 21 inches for Females

Australian Shepherd is one of the most common breeds of dogs. Fondly called 'ghost-eyed', the dogs categorized into this breed are special in their own way. They have a bold and strong physique, bearing all the qualities of loyalty and playfulness of a pet. Australian Shepherds are blessed with a great physique and a weather-proof coat, which makes them survive even in the extreme climatic conditions. It can prove to be a great companion for you, if you provide it with proper training, care, love and quality time. Check out the history, appearance and personality of Australian Shepherd in the following lines.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Very little is known regarding the origin of many dog breeds. As far as Australian Shepherd is concerned, historical records suggest that contrary to the name, the breed came into existence after Victorian era. It is native to Basque, where it was used by shepherds. Later on, it developed in western North America in the 19th and the beginning of 20th century. History says that the breed came to existence only after Victorian times. However, the local variations of its ancestors were brought to America along with their owners and livestock.

Shepherds were attracted to dogs because of the working abilities of the animal. As a result, they adopted dogs for many centuries. In addition, they interbred the pets, because they believed that the animal would produce considerably, for any given climate and landscape. The climatic conditions in American West were quite different from that seen in Europe. At the time when sheep were introduced into America, the Spanish dogs, which accompanied the flocks, proved a perfect fit for their job in the new, dangerous and wild environment.

The dogs were highly capable of herding and protecting their charges from predators. Even in the extreme climatic conditions in the arid and semi-arid regions occupied by the early Spanish settlers, the herding dogs managed to serve as herders and guardians to the livestock, which were pastured by the ranchers living in the areas. The Gold Rush of California in 1849 is an important time in the history of Australian Shepherds.

A mammoth of people migrated into the west coast and were accompanied by the easterners, who came with flocks of sheep and their eastern herding dogs. Sheep was brought by ship, along which came flocks from Australia and other regions. The shepherds also poured in, along with their own herding dogs. Consequently, the dogs from Australia were selected and bred for climates and terrains that were similar to California. This marks the birth of the Australian Shepherd breed of dogs.Over the passing years, Australian Shepherd was developed in Arizona, California, Ibaho, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest. For generations, the aspects of a dog were considered on the event of selective breeding. The period between 1940 and 1970 saw the foundation of the Australian Shepherd in America, when the a club was formed, named after the breed. Soon, the dogs belonging to the breed became popular as performing pets. Today, because of their skills and stunts of Australian Shepherds have features in Disney films.

Australian Shepherds are characterized by slightly dome-shaped head, with almond-shaped eyes that are brown, blue or amber in color. Their triangular ears are positioned high. They have a deep chest and straight tail and naturally short physique. The coat of the breed is resistant to weather. The short hair of the breed is soft around the head, front legs and ears. You may adopt a black, red merle, blue merle or solid-red colored Australian Shepherd. The strong, square and balanced frames of the dogs makes them look attractive.

Australian Shepherds are easy to be with, which makes them ideal human companions. They are playful, at the same time, bold, intelligent and strong. They have great guarding instincts and are very loyal to their owners. That is why they are counted among the most dependable dogs. One thing loved by the owners is the gently nature of Australian Shepherds. An ideal way to spend time with the lovable pet is to take it to work in the field or for a long run in the woods. That way, you will ensure that your pet is active and is stimulated mentally.