Collies are active, agile and lovely and have almond-shaped eyes. They are sensitive, noble and highly intelligent and can be housetrained.


Breed Type: Herding
Weight: 60 to 75 lbs for Males, 50 to 65 lbs for Females
Height: 24 to 26 inches for Males, 22 to 24 inches for Females
Coat type: Available in both rough and smooth coat varieties.
Color: Collie puppies are available in many colors such as sable and white, tricolor, blue merle and white. White ones are preferred with markings.

Collie is a large but agile dog. Not only is it elegant and graceful, it is equally elegant and affectionate. The breed is very friendly as well as responsive to human beings. The breed is basically identified due to its beautiful coat of the rough variety and its lean wedge-shaped head. Available in colors like sable and white, tri-color, blue merle and white, this breed is basically a herding dog. Though its name refers to its Scottish origin, it is more popular in Britain and other parts of the world, popularly known as Sheep Dog or Shepherded Dog.

Collie is believed to be originated in the highlands of Scotland and Northern England. However few people are also of the view that the ancestors of Collie were brought to British Isles by some Roman people in the middle of the first century A.D. Also, there are stories that the Stone Age Nomads brought some dogs to the Southern England along with them which are the actual ancestors of the Collie breed. However, one fact which is certain that these breed is used as herding as well as hunting dogs since ages.

Apart from its usage like herding and hunting, the dogs were little known as pet breed until it was exhibited at the third formal dog show at Birmingham in 1860. The Collie's popularity immensely increased when Queen Victoria fell in love with this breed. All of a sudden the breed of dog which was lowly farmers dog was elevated to a state of canine aristocracy.

Collies are generally medium sized breed of dogs; they are about 22-26 inch tall and weigh about 10 to 25 kg. They have fairly pointed snout and partly erect ears. Their looks resemble more to a fox than a dog. They may have a short or long fur coat and their tail is smooth, feathered, or bushy. Some of the Collies are naturally tailless also. Collies are found in colors like black, black-and-tan, red, red-and-tan, or sable, some of the Collies also white color in patches on various parts of the body. The most seen Collie has a black-and-white or tricolour i.e. black-and-tan and white coloration.

Collies are smart with natural herding and protective instincts. They love being organized. Active, cautious, proud, gentle, eager to work and mild-mannered Collie adores family companionship. It needs gentle and loving training using positive reinforcement techniques. It can adapt itself to both country and city lifestyle but can be little stubborn sometimes. It is sensitive to trainer's voice and gets along well with children and other household pets if socialized properly.